2022 LEctures

Anvi Shah: Lecture Series Intro.

Dear Participants, my name is Anvi Shah. I am delighted that you have made your way to the Lecture Series for the Global Project of 2022: Triangle Love. This year, I was fortunate to head the Lecture Series and we have four wonderful bead artists: Ingrid Wangsvik, Sharmini Wirasekara, Teresa Sullivan and Wendy Ellsworth talking to us about their "Process and Inspiration." I am grateful to all four of these phenomenal women for taking the time to share a little bit about their lives, their process and their work! I hope you all enjoy the 2022 Lecture Series. Cheers!

About Anvi.

Anvi Shah is a textile artist from Pune, India whose creative playground is filled with colour and pattern. As a child, she spent a great deal of her time making strung bead jewellery but it wasn’t until her junior year at the Savannah College of Art and Design that beading became an integral part of her art practice. Her interest in beads as a material and the slow process of making is what drives her to explore whimsical organic textures and carefully constructed geometric forms. Her love and admiration for these fascinating glass orbs and for all things handmade brought her to Kutch where she is gathering a group of young beadwork artisans. She is working towards finding ways to promote the local craftswomen and to help revive the craft of beadwork in the region. She simultaneously continues to learn about the history of the craft and the relevance of beaded objects in the day to day lives of the craftswomen.

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