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Encouraged by the success of the last two global projects, Norgard Designs is thrilled to announce Global 3: Triangle Love.  Once again, we provide lessons to teach you technique and design. Additionally, with the talented Anvi Shah at the lead, we have a great line up of artists who have donated their energy and time to create lectures on process and inspiration. I am grateful to the team of Dawn Peterson, Deb Mosch, Carol Romano Geraghty, and Anvi Shah.  We hope you find our project educational and enjoyable.  And, we hope you send us many components to challenge us in the creation of a final work. 

Starting July 23rd our Learning section will be transformed with new Lessons and Lectures for the 2022 Triangle Love Global Project. Additionally we will be providing new Companion lectures as well, where you will find a variety of artists discussing their views on the world of beads, now and in the future.  These are for you to enjoy as a thank you while you help bead the flowers for the Triangle Love Global project! 

We have also created a Donations area as well and are in need of support!  If you are able please donate, no amount is too small.  Also watch for promo items for last years global and for this years! 

Click here for more info on the Triangle Love Global Project and how you can become involved.

The Creative Examination of Ideas.

Norgard Designs is dedicated to the creative examination of ideas. Ideas are examined through the creative process culminating in large and small scale works. The sharing of these ideas is manifested through the physical works themselves, educational workshops and global project work. Norgard Designs aspires to support itself by selling work, by ushering new beaders forward, and by developing creative paths by which they can sustain themselves.

The creation of this website is a way for Sam to share her work and her love of teaching with you. We hope you will come in, explore, enjoy, download a workshop, find that special piece of jewelry for that special someone. Or maybe you would like to be part of Sam’s next Global Project?

A Lifelong Adventure in Art & Design.

Sam weaves a rich mix of techniques learned from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, African, Indigenous, French, and Victorian techniques. The dynamic process of combining techniques with artistic formats from jewelry scale works to immersive installation reveal new ideas.  Her most recent focus results in global projects where she explores education, community, and largescale beaded works.

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