Introducing: Strings

Dear Friends,
Anvi Shah and I are excited to introduce you to our new collaboration, Strings. This project has been in the works for about a year and we have been dreaming of it even longer. Strings is our new line of hand woven and beaded pieces.
Having the collaborative vision to preserve traditional craft, promote makers and empower artisans, Anvi and I create designs that combine the skills of numerous craftspeople in India. This vision began as a way to help traditional makers who suffered losses in the pandemic and is slowly growing to be a sustainable and collaborative effort that ushers the beauty of craft forward. 
Preserve. Promote. Empower.
The purchase of one-of-a-kind pieces, brings fair wages for weavers and beaders in India along with designers Anvi and myself! Our second collection of scarves features a symphony of colours carefully crafted by our weaving team and finished by our tassel markers that Anvi works directly with in India. We hope to keep looms running and help Anvi keep teaching what she and I have learned.
Thank you for your well-wishes and positive support,
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