Featured Artist: Nadine Belliveau

Nadine Belliveau s a visual artist from the Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia where she has been creating professionally since 1971. A graduate of NSCAD , of Université de Moncton & Université Sainte-Anne,  her contribution to the arts has been  as an artist, as an educator , as a founder of two galleries, and as a member of many art associations, Her paintings explore the essence of her environment by means of abstraction and decorative expression and unveil their mysterious and immersive qualities by unveiling their inviting and warm qualities through textural, layered and large-format acrylic on canvas. Her manner of bridging the abstract and the recognizable is distinct, eye-catching and compelling. Her work can be seen on her web site at nadinebelliveau.com or by appointment at her Belliveau Cove studio. She has recently shown her work in Nova Scotia, Montreal, Vancouver ,Toronto and Louisiana.

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