Learning. With Lucas.

In order to organize the vast amount of information in the bead world Lucas Learns is divided into major categories. We are starting with three categories.

Sam suggests students start here. It is a great introduction to beading. Allows you to learn while working the beads on a backing, substrate, beading surface. Bead embroidery gives you something to hold onto while your fingers, hands and mind learn how to command the beads.

Starting here will provide the lowest material startup cost. Created using only needle, thread and beads. It is woven in the air. Takes the most coordination and is likely easier to learn after doing a bit of embroidery and/or loom work. Off-loom work allows for a great deal of freedom and expression in form. Imagine making beaded ropes, geometrics or even the human figure!Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

Exactly what you are imagining – you are working on a loom. It is a bit different from traditional weaving. Warp threads are attached to the loom while weft threads are worked across the established warp. Two weft threads hold beads in place. Most feel that loom work is a bit faster than off-loom but there is more set up time involved.


Learn today with Lucas.

Take the time to sample each of these workshops. It will be easy for you to tell which of these tugs at your heart strings.  This will allow you to find the techniques you will be most happy with exploring further.