2021 LEctures

Kate McKinnon: Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.

The Open Source Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Research Team has been leading the way to new ideas since 2011, when we formed with a list of problems and questions we hoped to solve. One of our proudest discoveries is the PodCast Bead, and edge casting, but there is much more to learn and see from this far-ranging team. Explore the many innovations CGB is known for, from the MRAW Band to Deconstruction, learn more about the history of the Podcast Bead, and catch up with where the project is today.

About Kate.

I began beading in 1998, and in 2008 I discovered geometric beadwork. I had questions that no one could answer, and so I set out to solve them. What is a corner when it is alone in a field? Why were we continuing to use long peyote starts instead of casting off of existing edges? What are the natures of our traditional threadpaths, and could/should they be improved or are they in some ways important as they are structurally or spiritually? As each question was explored or solved, new questions arose, and in 2021 I am still deep in exploration. I lead the global Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Research Team, and am based in Savannah, Georgia.

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