Featured Artist: Diane Clapp

My love of fabric began in my Aunt Helen’s attic as a young girl. I remember climbing up the stairs to this magical room full of material, an ironing board, and her sewing machine set into the special singer cabinet.

I learned to first make doll clothes from scraps of material, then my first skirt. The journey has continued to this day. My studio has a loom on which I weave material, but my exploration into fabric has expanded. I love to explore all aspects , including dying, utilization of varying materials, mordanting materials in different ways, soaking material in a stream or the salt water, wrapping or tying the material with different ropes, strings or lines. The possibilities for fabric intensity is endless.

This current piece for this show utilized a drop cloth used on the floor from many projects. I then used silk that I had eco dyed to provide a strong contrast for the trees. Exploration is what keeps the journey exciting.

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