Art's Haven

Sherry Caldwell - Tulips


Sherry Caldwell
Acrylic on canvas
16 by 20

Biography: Sherry Caldwell

I have just returned from an art adventure in Devon and Somerset, England, where I painted in the spring gardens of two glorious National Trust properties. Wisteria, iris, lilac, roses and lilies were the stars of the show putting on flamboyant performances and begging to be captured in watercolour. 

This was my fifth European painting adventure and though I find it difficult to see properly in brilliant sunshine, I covet the exhilaration of being outdoors, immersed in the abundant oxygen being breathed out by the greens around me, trying to represent the natural colours of the garden scape and beyond.

One of the moments I savour from this spring’s sojourn was the afternoon interval spent  ensconced near a brook, painting a thatched cottage at the edge of a meadow with sheep, cows, rolling hills and hedgerows framing it all. 

Currently, some of my work can be seen at H’Arts Gallery downtown Annapolis Royal and at Art Haven in Saint Bernard. You may see me at Paint the Town in August in Annapolis Royal, where my work for the weekend event will be on display and auction at the Legion building. along with that of other artists at the end of the event.