Global Project 2022: Triangle Love

First, let me thank the Bead Workers Guild and all involved in making Bead Week 2022 a success. I’d also like to thank my team: specifically, Anvi Shah, Prof. Dawn Peterson, Carol Geraghty and Prof. Emeritus, Deborah Mosch.  This is our third event: Triangle Love. Thank you to the volunteers who donate time and precious personal knowledge to this series.  I am sure you will enjoy them!  

Sam came to understand that she had teaching to trade.  Instead of asking for money for learning she trades education for joining in the making of components for a large global work.  For triangle frames donated to the larger work we will be asking that you follow the lessons showing you how to make the frames and what color ways to follow.  We also ask that you include three rows of beads on one side of the triangle.  By watching the lessons this will be made clear.  

Unity, movement as well as pattern are our guiding principles and color is an important element.  

  • In Triangle Love, we are teaching a linear space frame form: a triangle frame.  We will show you how to make the form and how to think through pattern making and color.  We learned the basic concept of making triangle frames through working with Kate McKinnon (Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, (aka CGB).  Participating artists will retain the triangle tool from which the form is launched and may send in one or more of the triangle frames that will be made into a larger work.
  • For pieces donated to the larger work we ask that you include rows (one or more) of red (any red) beads on one (or more) side(s) of the triangle frame.
We seek volunteers who would like to create lectures that become part of our archive.  Lecturers are honored experienced artists who graciously share their knowledge.