The Creative Examination of Ideas.

Norgard Designs is dedicated to the creative examination of ideas. Ideas are examined through the creative process culminating in large and small scale works. The sharing of these ideas is manifested through the physical works themselves, educational workshops and global project work.

A Lifelong Adventure in Art & Design.

Combining African, Native American, French and Victorian techniques Sam weaves a rich mix of beads and findings collected from a world-wide search. The dynamic process of linking old techniques with new interpretations reveals an idea.  Sam’s artistic pursuits extend well beyond her jewelry designs. She also creates perishable constructions, installations, and, recently is launching global projects.

A Unique Approach to Bead Workshops.

Sam recognizes and is grateful for the brilliant work and workshops provided by members of the global bead community. Sam is internationally recognized as a teacher and foundations expert in design and the arts. In order to share these skills, high quality workshops offered through Norgard Designs’ promise to provide three areas of adventure in each workshop. Learn technique through project focused work. Become informed about design basics and/or historical and contemporary bead knowledge. Enrichment through focused sessions on creativity and an exchange of ideas.

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