Sam's Interview - Kadi Flory

Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to hear Sam interview Kadi Flory, an up-and-coming designer and artist who expresses the power of beads through her work. Gain insight into how an artist who so easily combines content and design gives us a peak at her ideas, process and self.

About Kadi

My name is Kadi Flory. I was born in Sierra Leone during the country’s prolong civil war. Shortly after my seventh birthday, I was adopted into a creative American family, where I developed a passion for the arts. I studied Textiles at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I’m currently based in Savannah, Georgia and will be relocating to NYC shortly. I have spent time building experience in studio art, fashion and the textile industry. My creative process emulates my fascination and love for fabric and material. I begin by sketching out a simple silhouette. Then I immediately start foraging scraps of material and spontaneously find ways to form them into a new fabric or create an entirely new material out of what I have collected. Whether it be knitting, beading, felting, embroidering, painting or print and pattern, I am open to imploring whatever technique is required of me to create the finished product. As a result my design exude functionally, timeless elegance and incorporates a human touch into the aesthetic. Kadi’s talk will look at Transforming Tradition Craft: The Power of Beads.

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