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International Beading Week – Norgard Designs Global Project

An introduction by Professor Karen ‘Sam’ Norgard:

“It is with great happiness that I move forward on the assembly of the Black and White Together Project.  We continue to fine tune the process and organically grow. We are thrilled to continue finding more and more volunteers to join in the process.  It grows as the community makers grow!

Last year I learned so much in the how, what and why of my desires to work in this manner and thank you to all for your support.

We are following a similar format that we learned in the last global, the Black and White Together Project, but understand the process more and can streamline and add to!”

Global Project for 2021:  

Title:  “All Colors”

Project Overview:  Sam came to understand that she had teaching to trade.  Instead of asking for money for learning she trades education for joining in the making of components for a large global work.

Learning design and process:  Taught through videos as we did last summer.




Our Design Focus:  form, colour, pattern

FORM:  The form we will demo is the PodCast form discovered by Kate McKinnon (Contemporary Geometric Bead, aka CGB) and explored by a world-wide group of Beaders.  Participating artists will retain the PodCast for their own use as a tool and will be asked to send in a specific scale of flower form created from the PodCast.  Sam will create the lessons as she did last summer.  We will be using the fantastic animations by Julia Pretyl for CGB.

COLOR:  Learning comes from specialist and expert colour theorist, Deb Mosch – our information will focus on learning about hue and temperature.  Participants will create palettes of their own selection with an eye on what they learn.

PATTERN:  simple patterns such as stripes and using flower forms will be taught.

COMPANION LECTURES:  taught through video – available HERE

Topic:  A view of now and the future of beading.

Line Up: Rowena Henderson, Anvi Shah, Kadi Flory, Kathryn Shriver and Kate McKinnon. Each will create a 10 – 20 minute video of their view of the world of beads now and what’s ahead.

If you are new to beading, Norgard Designs has opened the Lucas Learns area.  This is for newbies!  We suggest you order the Peyote Ring lesson as it will give you a great background to be able to do this more advance pod work for the All Colors project.


IBW: All Colors Project
Carol Romano Geraghty
74 Barony Lane
Hilton Head SC 29928


We have started a donations area.  We are a start-up and are in need of support!  We are striving to employ beaders to assemble the All Colors project, afford shipping and installation and to support our team.  If you are able please donate, no amount is too small.  Also watch for promo items for last years global and for this years! 

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