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A number of free lessons to explore. These lessons are part of Norgard Designs’ Global Projects.

Here’s a little story:

Once upon a time Sam was talking with Terry Barrett (author of CRITS: A Student Manual) about why we teach. Terry brought up that it was all about world peace. As this idea settled into Sam’s mind, she found it to be true! The very foundation of the critiques she held was sharing, listening and respecting another’s idea. This was a piece of the path that has led Sam to do Global Project work.

How Sam’s process works:

  • Research – Sam’s spends lots and lots of studio time playing with beads and learning from many other great beaders. Special nods to Kate McKinnon and Laura McCabe whose inspirational work has generously been shared.  Sam cooks up a casserole of her diverse art making skills, her interest in 2-D, 3-D and 4-D space, collaboration, and teaching. A form that interests her and fits the learner’s progression rises to the top. Sam discusses it with “Sam’s Global A TEAM”. Currently: Carol Romano Geraghty, Tana Fileccia-Flagg, Dawn Peterson and Deb Cherry Mosch.  More research happens.
  • Teaching – The teaching happens: through videos technique and possibility are taught. A specific form is asked for as an outcome. Lectures on design (such as value and color) are taught. A series of Companion Lessons are created and shared to watch as beaders create forms to donate to the creation of the final project.
  • Students Create – Forms are made.
  • Assembly – The magic continues as form and possibility come together to make the final work. Norgard Designs continues to look for showing spaces and welcomes input from all our participants. A Facebook page has been made for the All Colors Project. Join us and share your ideas.


Below you will find the lessons and lectures for “All Colors” the global project for 2021 created in response to Sam being invited as Guest Ambassador for International Bead Week. From Sam: “Thank you for this honor!”


Below you will also see free lessons and lectures from the 2020 “Black and White Together” project as well. Norgard Designs provides these for free. We hope you might join the project and send a form or forms for the final work. This year we are opening donation pages to help support the projects and those involved. No donation is too small, and we appreciate ever one of you! And, As Carol says: “Happy Beading”!

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