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The Collective Workroom.

The Collective Workroom was established by four bead workers: Sam Norgard, Dawn Peterson, Carol Geraghty, and Tana Fileccia-Flagg.  Under Sam’s direction these four makers have come together and facilitated notable community projects such as “Butterflies in my skirt, how’d they get there?” and “The Black and White TogetherProject”.  We continue to work together as a research and innovative teaching team seeking contemporary ideas to share through our workshops. We hope you will join and support us.

The Sum of it's Parts.


Sam Norgard

Book Artist

Dawn Peterson

Bead Artist

Carol Romano Geraghty

Multimedia Maker

Tana Fileccia-Flagg
  • Sam Norgard is one of the founding members of The Collective Workroom. You can read more about Sam in the “About” area on this website.

  • Dawn Peterson As a book artist, Dawn enjoys working with various media including beads! Beads can transform concepts in jewelry to objects to books. Dawn is also a professor at SCAD teaching design and color theory for over 25 years. Dawn’s work has been published in 500 Handmade Books, Hand Paper making, American Artist, and various catalogues. Dawn’s artwork is in public and private collections such as college and university libraries as well as companies and individuals. More Info on Dawn can be found @

  • Carol Romano Geraghty of Geraghty Studios, is a consummate bead artist with 30 years of experience. She relishes beads as a vehicle of self-expression and enjoys sharing her skills with others through various workshops and beading classes. With a little talent and a lot of hard work, Carol has created beautiful prices, inspiring everyone who experiences her work.

  • Tana Fileccia-Flagg is a multimedia maker from Brooklyn NY, now residing in Savannah GA. A graduate of Brooklyn College with an MS in Education and a minor in Art, she is a multi-medium artist. Her works include wire wrapping, metal smithing, Kumihimo, bead embroidery and contemporary geometric beading and often combine techniques to express movement, texture and shape. Tana continues to hone her skills and teaches workshops thru hands-on and virtual platforms. Making “art with a purpose”,to support community needs continues to drive her creative process.

Workroom Workshops.

We offer workshops focused on design and motivated by common interest(s). We work together to achieve a common goal and enjoy sharing our finds with you. We bring original design work to the workshops and include insightful language and lessons to teach design through element and principle understanding.

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