Summer 2020 Workshops

New Horizons in Geometric Beadwork: Creating Mountains, Valleys and Plains


July 4 – 10, 2020. (Arrival afternoon July 4, depart morning July 10).

April 1 is registration deadline with ½ fee due by May 1st. Seats are limited!


Instructor: Diane Fitzgerald; Host: Sam Norgard


Join me on Nova Scotia’s beautiful French shore west of Halifax as we explore what can we create with an understanding of shapes and angles in beadwork: creating mountains, valleys and plains or ruffles. We’ll focus on six basic shapes made with peyote stitch and the increase cycles used to create their various angles: the triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon and decagon. Whether jewelry or decorative objects, from this starting point, we’ll explore:

-combining these into three dimensional shapes either solid or open;
-combining these shapes as “tiles” to form a two or three-dimensional quilt-like fabric;
-how patterns within each flat shape can combine with other shapes to form new patterns;
-and, finally, how the various increase cycles can be used within one piece to create both flat and dimensional shapes.

Rather than a project-oriented class, this will be an opportunity to experiment with shapes and angles and their myriad possibilities. Plan to be inspired, motivated and excited as you and your classmates weave wonders never before seen in the history of beadwork!

This class is hosted by Sam Norgard, Foundations Instructor at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. For more information about this workshop, please contact her:


Cost: $ 1,850.00 (not included: dinners, airfare and transfers from/to Halifax)


Includes 6 nights (mostly double room occupancy), free wifi access, at the Yellow Door House and Sunset Cottage

5 Days with Diane

Breakfast and lunch daily

24 hour studio access

Location: This workshop will be held in Nova Scotia, on the beautiful French Shore just a few hours west of Halifax.

For more information, contact Diane: Tel: 612-333-0170

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