Fort Dodge Dress

Fort Dodge Dress

Sam constructing Fort Dodge Dress, in the fort!

Sam constructing Fort Dodge Dress (close up)

materials used

  • violets
  • campanulas

hues of piece

  • violet
  • blue-violet

This piece is part of the Women Are Everywhere series by Karen Sam Norgard. It's a reproduction of an original three-dimensional creation. It was crafted on location of natural items, photographed, left to be found by passers by and to eventually return to nature.

Fort Dodge Dress was constructed on location in Wisconsin. It was a very windy day and we had to construct, what resembled a fort to protect the delicate flowers from being blown away. Our hodge-podge protected area reminded me of a play structure that my sons bulit as boys, with a Dodge vehicle placquard, that they named "Fort Dodge". 

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