Dress Out of Shell & Bone

Dress Out of Shell & Bone

materials used

  • sun bleached shells
  • sun bleached bones
  • natural sand background
  • found items

It was a cold day. I entered the beach to the left of the jetty. Even though the whole cove is White’s Cove I think of the land to the right of the jetty as My Beach and the left as Rosa’s Beach. There was a bit of wind. Whatever material I was going to build with had to have a bit of weight to it. Shells, fish vertebrae and tailbones were perfect choices. White’s Cove, Nova Scotia

This piece is part of the Women Are Everywhere series by Karen Sam Norgard. It's a reproduction of an original three-dimensional creation. It was crafted on location of natural items, photographed, left to be found by passers by and to eventually return to nature. 

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